Moshling Of The Year Awards 2013! ROUND 1 – ALL SETS

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to a very special event, an event so special, even the cleaning-poppets have joined us to experience this moment. Welcome, to the very first, MOSHLING OF THE YEAR AWARDS! Ok! Ok! Settle down now monsters! Ok, because this is a new event, I’ll go over it all. And no, you don’t have to listen, Zommers at the back, just take your ears off ok? Good. Right, in the first month, that’s August 28 until September 28 by the way, we select all the sets with all the current moshlings in them, and put them in a poll. This poll is available at the bottom of this post. Then we get you people at home, and you monstrous bunch here in the audience to vote on your favourites, then they go through 2 other audition rounds, to get to the quarter-finals, the semi-finals and eventually the finals, then we split all the moshlings up and you all vote for them in a double-trouble 2-month voting time, that’s double the usual, as Waldo is now stating in the middle there. The overall winner gets a ROARSOME trophy. You can also bet on a set or a moshling, and if you win you get a nice prize of 2 codes, sound fun? You bet it does! Heh heh? No, that was wasted on you. Anyway, shall we get to voting then?

Thank you for coming to the first semi-annual MOTYA and have a ROARSOME time voting for your favourites.

Oh yeah, and this page won’t be available after the 28th of September so don’t even think about coming back, you monstrous lot! XD


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