Monster Food Charts

First, clear a space in your room like this. (As you may or may not know, my room is a state so I had to go upstairs, where it is far more neat)

Then buy your monster’s favourite foods. You can have as many or as little as you like.

Now take it out of your inventory, and hover it over a table or a have it mid-air. I prefer the table option. Press the ‘printscreen’ key on your keyboard, mines on F10. And it will take a snapshot of your screen at that moment. If you have Windows 7 (or later if you read this in the future o.O), go to start, then search Snipping Tool. It might be on your start menu already though. Its very handy.

Then repeat it a load of times and it will be like a table!

Then add your text in. For 500+ fonts, click here. Then number them all in order of your favourites, like, for eg. 1# 2# 3#…

Then add it to your chart, do some more print screen if you want to get some sneaky snaps of your monster for some decoration. 😀 And your done!

My finished product can be found by clicking the IGGY below, and also if you just came from there, you can go back this way too.


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