The 1,000th viewer Competition! Win membership!

Hello Moshers! Sorry I haven’t been online, I have been soo wrapped up in stuff I just didn’t have the time. And the TMMB thumbnail just kept staring me in the face so I knew that it was time to act on it. Anyway.

When you realise we are at/over 1000 views, comment or email me or Facebook Message TMMB, you can pinboard me, add me and leave a message or send a smoke signal, just leave your username and I’ll put them all into a box and pick one out. 🙂 Just by spelling out something you do everyday could win you A DAYS MEMBERSHIP TO MOSHI MONSTERS!

No strings attached, no hidden charges or anything. It’s plain simple, but ALWAYS ask your parents/guardians permission first. I never scam, because it’s not nice and I won’t spam because I just don’t do that.




About cheezburgaz

I have a cat, and he eats sandwiches.

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