Another small competition with big prizes!

I have a box of moshi codes, 18 have been put in there since last saturday. So, who wants a code. If that person is you, LISTEN UP. And of course if not just go and play on Moshi Games (Click on the r in HERE). Like I always do, I made a competition.

To have a chance to win answer the following:

Furis are terrible at spelling, but Furry the Furi got one right in a spelling test (a difficult feat for furis)

 Which word is correct






5. Grose





So, worked it out? if you do, send me a friend request and in the optional message box, put the answer you think is right! If it is, i will add your name to a list of people. My friend Izziewizz (Molly) will choose 3 random people for a code. WE ARE KEEPING THE REST!!!! MWOOOOHAHAHAHA 


About cheezburgaz

I have a cat, and he eats sandwiches.

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