What are Moshlings?!?!

Hiya fellow Moshling catchers!

In case you don’t know, moshlings are like pets for your…pet! Non members get 2 moshlings that can roam around in their room, while members (you need to pay to be one, more info here) get 6 to stroll around their room, get to collect ALL the moshlings, and get a private moshling zoo in your room!

At the moment, there are 72 moshlings (some that you can’t get yet) but Moshi is constantly adding more! Currently, the maximum you can get out of 60 is 52
My moshling zoo
When you see a room, with a zoo, click on it and check out the moshlings the owner has!

There are all types of different sets of moshlings, like Dinos, Birdies, Fluffies, Worldies, Fishies, Ponies, Puppies, and so on! Right now there are exactly 15 different sets that you can get! That’s ALOT!

Now on to the main question, how do you even get moshlings? Well, it’s simple! All you need to do is go to Main Street (by clicking on your map, if you’re very new)

Your map
Your map on thebottom right of your roomMain Street as shown on your map

On Main Street, there is a little cart squished in between the Grossery Store (where you buy food) and Yukea (where you buy furniture) that has a sign saying ‘MOSHLING SEEDS’! This is where you buy all the seeds to plant to get moshlings. You need 3 of them to get a moshling (but be warned! some combinations don’t get any moshlings whatsoever, so it’s important you know the seeds you want)

The Moshling Cart
Click on the moshling cart

There are 6 different seeds available from the cart on Main Street. The seeds are: Hot Silly Peppers, Dragon Fruits, Star Blossoms, Moon Orchids, Magic Beans and Love Berries!

All the different seeds
6 different types of seeds

Each seed is 15 Rox (rox is the currency on Moshi Monsters), which at first may not seem like much, but when you buy a lot of seeds, you end up spending quite a bit…

Their is also another place to buy seeds but it is only for members, sadly! (If you are a non member, ignore this section!) It is at the port. To get there, click on the map then click on the Port, which is to the far right hand side and looks like this:

The Port
The Port on your map

Once you are there, click on the shop that has a sign saying ‘SUPER SEEDS’. The store is not hard to find, as you can see it as soon as you arrive at the port!

Super Seeds at the Port
Super seeds is where the blue marker is

Inside the shop, you have 8 different seeds. The non-member seeds, and 2 extra special ones! Crazy daisies, and Snap Apples! They are also 15 rox. If you’re wondering what’s so special about these seeds? Well, there are some special moshlings that use 1, 2 or even 3 of these seeds, such as Mini Ben, Iggy, ShiShi, Jeepers, and a few more.

The seeds
The member-only seeds are outlined in red


Anyway, once you have chosen your seeds (for the seeds that you need for each particular  moshling, scroll to the bottom), click on the map again (the map is useful, as you can see!) and go to your moshling garden, which is just at the bottom in front of your house

The Moshling Garden on your map
The garden is outlined in pink

In your garden, you will see the door of your house on the right, a scare crow, a tree with a orange bird called Cluekoo (he says he will help you, but he doesn’t really…Ignore him!), three little piles of dirt, and a spade! The last two are the most important for moshling catchers…

Spade and Plants
Spade and Plants

To plant your 3 seeds, click on the little red bag on the bottom right hand corner, underneath the scarecrow holding the help sign. You’ll see the seeds you bought from the seed cart or SUPER SEEDS shop. Then click and drag one seed at a time to a pile of soil (brown piles next to spade) One seed per pile, so 3 seeds in total. You can’t get moshlings with 1 or 2 plants only :O)

Open the bag and drag
Open the bag and drag (it rhymes!)

There doesn’t need to be a specific order that you plant them in, by the way! It can be in any order (if you’re following the plant codes at the bottom of the page) If you’ve got lots of different seeds in your seed bag and you accidentally plant one, that you didn’t mean to, just click the shovel and drag it to the pile of dirt you want to get rid of.

Your seeds normally take around 6 hours to plant (sometimes more, sometimes less), but before you think planting your moshling seeds are over there is one more thing you need to do!

It’s very simple. All you do, is click on the door that your monster is standing in front of (it’s your house door) and you’ll go back to your room.

Back to your room
Click on the door and go back to your room

Then click the map (AGAIN!) and go BACK to your moshling garden.

Click the map
Click the map

When you get to your garden, you’ll see 3 little buds of your flowers, in the spots that the piles of dirt were. These are your plants at the beginning of growing…Hover over each plant, it will normally say ‘Dig up this (name of your flower) flower’ but if it says ‘ Dig up this Rox Flower’, click on that! You don’t want Rox flowers! It makes it take longer for your moshlings to come, because you end up waiting for the rox flower to grow, then having to dig it up and plant it again (but if you don’t mind taking a while to get your moshling, leave it there)

The plant buds
The plant buds
The Rox Flower
Dig up the Rox Flower

If you don’t dig it up, in 6 hours (and a bit), you’ll have a fully grown rox flower. Cluekoo will tell you how many rox you got from the rox flower (sometimes it 2, sometimes it’s 50, but whenevever I do IUSUALLY get under 30) To get the rox, just dig up the rox flower with the spade.

Dig up the Rox Flower
You get Rox from Rox flowers (surprisingly!)
I got 38 rox!
38 rox! Thats a record!

Then you’re ready to go! If you really want, you can check back on your garden to see how it goes, but otherwise just go back to your garden in around 6 hours!

Buds mid-growing
About half way through growing

This is what the final plants look like if you DON’T get the moshling at all:

Didn't get a moshling
Didn’t get a moshling

This is what the plants looks like when you DO get the moshling! (Congratulations if you do!)

Bubbles got IggyYay! A moshling (again)

Next, to keep the moshling in your house (it doesn’t automatically do that) click on it. (the moshling) Once you’ve done that, this will come up:

Click on the button that says 'Keep it' to..Well...Keep it!Click on the button that says ‘Keep it’ to..Well…Keep it!

Hit the button that says ‘Keep it’ (outlined in pink) and this cute little critter will be in your room!

Congratulations! You’ve got your first EVER moshling! Now keep collecting, and pretty soon you’ll have a full zoo

If you have any questions, just comment on this blog and I’ll reply as soon as possible

See ya around and

Good luck!


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