Congratulations to our 3rd Site Member, iciclepotato, a.k.a. Sophie.

So we will celebrate by making a staff list!

Icecreampizza (a.k.a. Hannah) -Administrator

Iciclepotato (a.k.a. Sophie) – Author

Izziewizz227 (a.k.a. Molly) -Author.


Please Note: Hannah is only the administrator because she does not want the themes and backgrounds changed every 5 seconds. And she doesn’t want all the posts edited saying at the bottom “AND ADD ME IZZIEWIZZ227” or “ADD ICICLEPOTATO!”. People will add us if they want to. We give advice and that’s only why we accept. You want to post on our pin boards not e-mail. But pleaseeee add us we are lonely. Especially Sophie she only has 1 friend at the moment and that’s me. So if you want  to help, add us!


About cheezburgaz

I have a cat, and he eats sandwiches.

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  1. Cool can i help

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