Moshling Competition!

Hey! It’s Icecreampizza, I have just made a new competition about moshlings! Please enter this!!! You could win:

1st place (from here) :A sticker pack code

2nd place (from here)A Moshling Card code

3rd place (from here):A gift on M.M.

4th place:Best friend on M.M.

The competition will close on 3rd of September and all names will be wrote on a slip of paper and put in a box and the lucky 4 monsters will be e-mailed as soon as possible.

To enter, e-mail us at: or

Alright, here are the questions!

1. Who is the Moshling Collector Extraordinaire?

2. What sea animal is Fumble?

3. Who is the unreleased Luckies Moshling?

4. What is this?

A) Spider Dartboard

B) Chandeleir

C) Scare Bear

D) Purple Bowler Ball

Good Luck Everyone!


About cheezburgaz

I have a cat, and he eats sandwiches.

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  1. 1.buster bumblechops
    4.purple bowler ball

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