The Secret Common Moshling

Hey People!

Yesterday I was Googling  ‘ The 001 Moshling ‘ To see if I could get it. And I came to a page. It said if you plant 3 Hot Silly Chilli, you get a Common Moshling. I planted the seeds and later they grew full size! Unfortunately, I got pink, red and blue, but Cluekoo said a common moshling came and sniffed my flowers! It liked my Pink and Blue Hot silly Chilli, and that’s all. I dug up my pink and blue and went and bought 4 Hot Silly Chilli. I planted 2 more and they came out yellow and blue, Cluekoo said an ULTRA RARE  moshling came and it liked my Yellow and Blue Hot Silly Chilli. Yeah, it was Gigi, I already have her. So now I planted my last 2 and hoped for the worst (because I think it’s bad luck for saying I hope it’s the best!) I’m going to go now because I need to check on them.

If you want any moshling codes, just email me at:


About cheezburgaz

I have a cat, and he eats sandwiches.

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