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Frau Now BrownKau!

Frau’s Secret – Did You Know?

Elder Furi knows a secret about Frau Now BrownKau! Decode the message below to find out what it is!

Can you crack the code??



Bonjour Moshers,

As some of you may know I posted Blingos new video for you and because your all monsterific people probably saw something very interesting. What? I hear you ask. 

A SECRET CODE!!!!!  Now if you missed it, you could win a whole bunch of free rox right here! Just go to Moshi Monsters and put the code Blingolingo into the sign in page and enjoy your rox!!!!


Pizzaicecream’s Favourite Food

Just a picture this time, because it says all it needs to really. 😛

Super Moshi Alert

Super Moshi Alert!!: New Mission Trailer!!!

Attention Super Moshis! A new mission trailer has just been released. It looks like the Zoshlings’ spacecraft is getting ready for liftoff…

Check it out by clicking HERE!

How to make a roarsome room


That was from the Daily Growl. And I thought it would be a nice thing to put on here, so… MOSH ON

Check out Blingo’s New Song!

Check out Blingo’s roarsome new song and music video by clicking here!


Series 4

Hey Everybody!!!!!


Series 4 Moshlings were out yesterday (Saturday 25th August)!!! FANGTASTIC stuff! So keep your eyes at hand and watch out for these ROARSOME  new moshling figures in a store near you!


– izziewizz227

Remember to keep loving mosh!

The 1,000th viewer Competition! Win membership!

Hello Moshers! Sorry I haven’t been online, I have been soo wrapped up in stuff I just didn’t have the time. And the TMMB thumbnail just kept staring me in the face so I knew that it was time to act on it. Anyway.

When you realise we are at/over 1000 views, comment or email me or Facebook Message TMMB, you can pinboard me, add me and leave a message or send a smoke signal, just leave your username and I’ll put them all into a box and pick one out. 🙂 Just by spelling out something you do everyday could win you A DAYS MEMBERSHIP TO MOSHI MONSTERS!

No strings attached, no hidden charges or anything. It’s plain simple, but ALWAYS ask your parents/guardians permission first. I never scam, because it’s not nice and I won’t spam because I just don’t do that.



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